Our Services

Project Management

Our project manager accessible at any time during the conduct of the study. Their involvement begins with the proposal and continues through evaluation and selection of qualified sites, right up to the “last project value.” We believe this dedication and insight can only come from our depth of therapeutic expertise and is core...
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Once a clinical trial is complete and reports are finalized, we can provide the Sponsor with the Trial Master File. Different regulatory jurisdictions have distinct requirements on the archiving of the Trial Master File and data collected during the clinical study, with some regions requiring archival as per regulatory requirements.
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IP Retentions

Vedum offers IP retention services to our worldwide clients. We are having dedicated drug storage rooms available to retain IP as per regulatory requirements.

Regulatory Services

Vedum Research appreciates the significance of high-quality submissions to the relevant Regulatory Authorities to ensure that approvals are available in a timely fashion. We have experts on the ground who have the required up-to-date knowledge of the regulatory submission process, specific to the country.
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We effectively address all the training needs of our investigators by organizing ongoing and refresher in ICH GCP, Schedule Y and trainings required for effectively conducting a trial. Besides, we organize outside training on a regular basis to keep both our staff and investigators
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Site Management

Vedum Clinical Research Pvt. Ltd. performs site management services to act as the liaison between the site, the sponsor and the conduct of the study. We do this by continuous communication with every study site, starting with the collection of regulatory documents and continuing throughout enrollment, follow-up and project completion.
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Translation services

Vedum clinical research pvt. ltd. expertise in medical and life science translation and language services provides the quality, efficiency, and reliability necessary to compete in this fast-paced industry.
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Data management services

Vedum clinical research pvt ltd provides end to end comprehensive clinical data management services from Phase I through to post-marketing trials. Our team of global clinical data management experts are committed to upholding a standardized, process-driven approach.

Medical Writing Services

Vedum’s medical writing services include clinical and regulatory writing, as well as scientific communications, education material and medical writing consultancy.
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Social services

Vedum also provide fund to various schools for primary education to the school going childrens.